This page is the about section of the domain owner, me... aaah.

Tite Kubo has symbolized the white moon as Rukia throughout various poems in Bleach. I pretend to be Rukia sometimes, but I also thought it was a clever way to title this section as such, since it correlates to the domain name and the network collective name, "The Story of the Moon". In a way, I like to think of my tribute projects as stories to you. Cheesy? Yes. But who doesn't like cheese?


You may know me by one of my various alias:

sorayomi (cosplay)
solacesque (resin crafts)
sakuyaaa (otome game tumblr)

I honestly just wanted to separate my different hobbies, though it may have backfired.
I don't need all the aliases... But you can call me Lene.

I was born in California and currently reside in Minnesota. I am Hmong-American and grew up in a huge family; second youngest of nine kids. That fact is usually responded by a jaw-drop, but I am pretty much used to it. I am a self-proclaim "Best Auntie"!

I currently work for a financial bank institution as an internal employee. When I am not working, I usually catch up on my videogame backlog. Once in a while I will do some cosplay, photography, or resin crafting. Find my works below!

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With cosplay season around, I am kinda busy keeping my free time on my network projects! But I did manage to complete a Tsenf fanlisting. Please be sure to check it out!
Visit still alive fanlisting and feel free to join!

Projects page updated with an upcoming fanlisting!

It's been a month since I have last updated! Time really flies.
I have been working on my Yamato Kougami character tribute all of January. It is currently at 30%!

Happy New Year! I have plugged in my fanlisting collective. Check it out on the "Network" page!

Version 1 layout is up! Along with some content pages.


Laguna Raine