These are projects I have always wanted to work on but was too scared to tackle before. While I am excited to finally dive in... I am also a bit nervous. But there is no more holding back! The progress will be slow, but I promise I won't abandon them!

A portion of these are characters I've "met" as a naive kid in the early 2000s. I am not a kid anymore (whew) and not so naive (I hope)... but I still love and admire them all the same as I did then.


Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach. I have so much to say about this queen...!

otome games

Yamato Kougami from Chikai no Kisu wa Totsuzen ni (A Sudden Kiss of Oath) or as released in English as My Forged Wedding. He is my 2D husband. Which is half true. He calls me Pouty.

Status: 30%

Ouji-sama no Puropozu (The Prince's Proposal) or as released in English as Be My Princess. A general tribute to the series. I did not know I could fall in love with princes--let alone the royalty/commoner trope.


Aeris Gainsborough from The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. With no doubt, my favorite Final Fantasy heroine.

Emil from NieR/NieR: Automata. A sweet boy who loves his sister and friends. Emil captured my heart with his pureness.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X. The videogame character who made me fall in love with the Final Fantasy series back in 2002. She was the first videogame character who I finally felt I could relate to.


Maaya Sakamoto. I am not sure what to categorize this tribute. Maaya Sakamoto is both a successful voice actress and singer-songwriter. I have loved her works since I saw Escaflowne many many years ago. To make me love her more, she voices my favorite Final Fantasy character, Aeris, as mentioned above.