These are projects I have always wanted to work on but was too scared to tackle before. While I am excited to finally dive in... I am also a bit nervous. But there is no more holding back! The progress will be slow, but I promise I won't abandon them!

A portion of these are characters I've "met" as a naive kid in the early 2000s. I am not a kid anymore (whew) and not so naive (I hope)... but I still love and admire them all the same as I did then.


Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach; I have so much to say about this queen...!

otome games

Yamato Kougami from Chikai no Kisu wa Totsuzen ni (A Sudden Kiss of Oath); or as released in English as My Forged Wedding. He is my 2D husband. Which is half true. He calls me Pouty.

Ouji-sama no Puropozu (The Prince's Proposal); or as released in English as Be My Princess. A general tribute to the series. I did not know I could fall in love with princes--let alone the royalty/commoner trope.


Aeris Gainsborough from The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII; with no doubt, my favorite Final Fantasy heroine.

Emil from NieR/NieR: Automata; a sweet boy who loves his sister and friends. Emil captured my heart with his pureness.

Yuna from Final Fantasy X; the videogame character who made me fall in love with the Final Fantasy series back in 2002. She was the first videogame character who I finally felt I could relate to.


Maaya Sakamoto; I am not sure what to categorize this tribute. Maaya Sakamoto is both a successful voice actress and singer-songwriter. I have loved her works since I saw Escaflowne many many years ago. To make me love her more, she voices my favorite Final Fantasy character, Aeris, as mentioned above.
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