November 9, 2019
Visit E T H E R to see a new layout!

November 3, 2019
I had to move around my fanlistings onto directories instead of subdomains. For some reason, the paths were not working properly so my images were broken. Further more, for whatever reason, the "Joined" and "Owned" Templates were automatically placing "\" within the codings. I tried everything I could do to fix the error and finally found a solution...!

At one point I gave up and even installed Listing Admin. While I really did want to use it, it required more coding than I thought and I am just not in the right mindset to move a whole script over. But yay, my fanlisting collective is working back to normal again.

October 13, 2019, 2019
Open a blog after many years. Feel free to visit. Best view on desktop or desktop mode.
Visit DIVE!

September 23, 2019
My new fanlisting collective is live! All my fanlistings that were previously hosted on kuchiki.net has been shifted over to the new domain!

I also got a claim clique for the Animal Crossing games set up.
Visit pixel friends!

September 16, 2019
I'm converting my fanlistings over to a new domain. I finally got Enthusiast script to work as well so I'm converting my fanlistings from BellaBuffs over. Stay tuned for further updates!

August 25, 2019
One of these days I will start on my shrines again... but since my writing muse isn't back yet, I made a new fanlisting!

Please visit "Fleeting Blossom", a Hakuouki fanlisting!

August 12, 2019
This layout version was made for the Video Game Layout Marathon!

August 3, 2019
Long time no see! Sorry about the radio silence here. I felt a bit burnt out from writing behind the scenes and focused more on creating smaller projects. I am working on a claiming clique at the moment... I'll keep the game series a secret though, hehe. I did finish a new game fanlisting though! Please visit the "a t o n e m e n t", a NieR fanlisting!

May 26, 2019
I have my first link exchange! Please check out Ai's amazing domain: northstar.nu!

May 22, 2019
I revamped my fanlisting collective layout and gave it a title.
Please go visit the "ETHER"!

May 12, 2019
I was able to squeeze in a small project between costuming and crafting: Final Fantasy X fanlisting!
Visit the Eternal Calm fanlisting and feel free to join!

April 23, 2019
Cosplay con season is coming to an end for me soon. Towards the end of May, I should be able to pick up network projects again! I'm often on instagram and twitter if you are interested to know me more!

March 17, 2019
With cosplay season around, I am kinda busy keeping my free time on my network projects! But I did manage to complete a Tseng fanlisting. Please be sure to check it out!
Visit still alive fanlisting and feel free to join!

February 19, 2019
Projects page updated with an upcoming fanlisting!

February 2, 2019
It's been a month since I have last updated! Time really flies.
I have been working on my Yamato Kougami character tribute all of January. It is currently at 30%!

January 2, 2019
Happy New Year! I have plugged in my fanlisting collective. Check it out on the "Network" page!

December 27, 2018
Version 1 layout is up! Along with some content pages.