May 2nd, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV has very much taken over most of my free time. So I have a few FFXIV related projects that have been released since the last posted update. Two new fanlistings. One for Haurchefant and the other for Aymeric.

Then, this mini site features a premade layout since it's hosted through & tied to my FFXIV tumblr account. But it's something I've been working on here and there since the beginning of the year!

Some character building and lore for my FFXIV characters !

June 26th, 2020

I adopted two more fanlistings! This time from Jackie. Thank you for allowing me to adopt them :)

The Laguna and Raine fanlisting ended up becoming a shrine as well. I was writing the about section but then it just... I got too into it! I love Laguna and Raine so I'm happy to announce that the pairing is my first official shrine! Please give it a visit.

February 2nd, 2019

It’s been a month since I have last updated! Time really flies.

I have been working on my Yamato Kougami character tribute all of January. It is currently at 30%!